We are a growing brand of quality children’s content we call learning entertainment, primarily for interactive mobile applications and offering limited print versions.

For each of our books, we are developing curriculum that is Common Core Standards aligned so teachers and homeschooling parents can find quality lessons connected with fun books.

Featuring Latest Release…

In Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully, Ethan Blecher Braves a Bullythe first book of an early reader series, Ethan finds himself the focus of a bully in his new school. When his parents decide to send him to spring camp hoping he’ll make some friends, the outlook turns terrifying when his nemesis shows up. Will Ethan’s fearful attitude and shy nature get the best of him or will he muster some courage and stand-
up to the bully?

Ethan Blecher is every child during their struggling early years when they confront some of the toughest and more important experiences of their young lives. The series is printed in black and white with larger type and engaging illustrations by Kate Jeong.

This chapter book is the first of a series that explores contemporary challenges and opportunities facing elementary school-aged children today. It explores independence, managing conflict and difficult people, overcoming adversity, responding to inappropriate behavior, finding inner strength, relying on good judgment to solve problems, team work, personal discovery, emotional and creative intelligence, and reasoning.

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Also AvailableThe Prisoner of Carrot Castle iPad App

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle for the iPad can be downloaded on the App Store. Come along as Aiden tries to eat his way to freedom and escape the clutches of the angry King. Kids will find high adventure and new ideas about eating healthy along the way.

Through creative storytelling, kids 3 to 8 years-old learn that eating vegetables is good—it can actually help them. Narrated by the author, Chris Pedersen, this interactive book for the iPad includes reader involvement in moving the story forward (tapping, sliding, tilting), animation, sound effects, stunning illustrations, music and games.

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More like dessert than a dreaded side dish, The Prisoner of Carrot Castle will appeal to a child’s insatiable appetite for entertainment.

~The iMums Review site


The Prisoner of CarroThe Prisoner of Carrot Castlet Castle is also available in a limited print run. The same great story can now be enjoyed even if you don’t have an iPad. Order The Prisoner of Carrot Castle and see why kids embrace it as their favorite nighttime read.



Dress a Knight of Carrot Castle Game

Dress a Knight of Carrot Castle for the iPhone and iPad can be downloaded on the App Store.

The wildly popular game from The Prisoner of Carrot Castle iPad interactive book is available as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Yay! Kids love to play dress up games. Slide the battle gear into place. Then once the knight is dressed, receive a reward of “cheers.”Dress a Knight of Carrot Castle

This game is helpful for developing fine motor skills. Targeted for 3 to 8-year-olds, but anyone can enjoy the game.


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Purple Carrot Books Future Look

We are excited to be adding more books to our line-up. Future releases include:

Blondilocks, picture book

Blondilocks by Chris Pedersen, illustrated by Kate Jeong

Blondilocks, an expanded retelling of the classic story. Blondilocks is a precocious, self-absorbed girl with ideas of her own. Strolling down the country path, she encounters animals that caution her not to go into the woods. Ignoring the warnings, she goes anyway and encounters the bear’s cottage, which she enters uninvited.

In an adventure of trying on the bear’s clothes, eating their food and breaking their furniture, Blondilocks learns important lessons about boundaries, relationships, respect, and good manners. You know the classic end of the story, but do you know the real ending? Coming soon! 

The Slave of Peas Pyramid

The Slave of Peas Pyramid by Chris Pedersen, illustrated by Kate Jeong



In the works is the next adventure of Aiden from the Veggie Chronicles, The Slave of Peas Pyramid. Aiden finds himself in Ancient Egypt when the pyramids are being built. Working as a slave for the mean taskmaster of the Pharaoh, he trips down a hole in an unfinished pyramid. Landing in a burial tomb with some interesting artifacts, Aiden makes a startling discovery. Will he find his way out? And will Aiden escape the taskmaster’s anger?