About Purple Carrot Books

Author/Founder of Purple Carrot Books, Chris Pedersen


Purple Carrot brings the very best children’s content to parents and kids. Our content embodies innovation, education, and fun in a world of adventure and imagination. Teaching kids life skills, good habits and positive attitudes without it feeling like education.

This joint partnership between author and founder Chris Pedersen and immensely talented illustrator and animator Kate Jeong is ready to take your kids on grand adventures and heroic journeys, giving every child the possibility of a healthier, happier life.


Mission statement

Influencing children for a hopeful, healthy future.


Fulfill our mission via affective mind, body, spirit messaging that is creative, fun, content-rich and wholesome for children and those who influence children. Execute by creating books in digital media in all forms (mobile apps, ebooks, etc).


Unique health theme tie-in offering experience, teaching and creativity that engages as it offers solutions and lessons in a straight forward, convincing and sometimes whimsical fashion.


We’re small, we’re independent, but more than 40,000 people downloaded our iTunes version of The Prisoner of Carrot Castle in one weekend. We must be doing something right! 


Illustrator Kate Jeong of Purple Carrot Books


Purple Carrot exists because of Chris Pedersen’s personal commitment to health and wellness and her desire to bring that to a generation of children plagued by obesity. She is health encourager, entrepreneur and published author for children’s fiction and adult non-fiction. Her children’s books and apps aim to teach kids skills for life in a fun way.

As a life-long health enthusiast, Chris overcame her greatest challenge, genetic cancer, with her optimum wellness approach, which stresses traditional, plant-based foods as a foundation. Chris blogs at Healthy Journey Café and is chief enthusiast at Purple Carrot Books. Connect with her about health issues on Twitter @chrisathecafe.

Chris’ first picture book The Prisoner of Carrot Castle, now in print, was initially introduced in the Apple App Store. 

Kate Jeong offers a rich diversity of creative genius with her wonderful characters and rich color pallet. She captivates the reader with her stunning renditions of story. Follow Kate on her blog from Canada where she lives.