Child with iPad book app The Prisoner of Carrot Castle
Purple Carrot Books provides educational resources for children from three to eight-years-old. We accomplish this through books in digital formats and curriculum that teach healthy life skills–we call it learning entertainment.

Today’s children born in 2007 (when the iPhone was introduced) and later are Gen-Appers. Their world is digitally driven. Handling a smart phone or tablet is second-nature to them.

Download our first offering The Prisoner of Carrot Castle on iTunes.

Here’s what people are saying about The Prisoner of Carrot Castle book app:

The story the Prisoner of Carrot Castle is engaging, interactive, and very amusing. The entertaining plot and use of technology make it a captivating story that can be thoroughly enjoyed by readers of all ages.
~Kristin Mullard, First grade teacher, Elk Grove, CA

My 21-month-old granddaughter loves the Prisoner of Carrot Castle.  Castle is her new favorite word and that’s how she tells me she wants to see it again.  She loves all the interactive pieces and especially loves the part when Aiden is sliding down between all the rooms. It is so fun!
~Robin Howard, Children’s writer/illustrator, Sacramento, CA






Know What's Inside


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Also, a limited print edition of  The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is available. Order from our online store.

Here is what people are saying about the printed version of the book:

We received the book today. Both my boys have already read it and loved it. Thank you again for the book. Maybe it will get my little one to eat his veggies.
~Debbie M., Las Flores, CA

My signed copy of The Prisoner of Carrot Castle came in the mail and it looks incredibly beautiful! Valerie and I are thrilled to have this book and I can promise you, we will share it with a lot of kids. The illustrations are perfectly done to go with the story. I am looking at the book, but I haven’t even read it, yet. I can’t get it away from Valerie.
~Doug (& Valerie) M., Tupelo, MS